• 19th Aug 2019 22:00 GMT+1
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Artificial intelligence is the buzzy new technology that is catching the eye of investors both in the US and overseas. With $17.5 billion in funding raised going towards AI startups in the first half of this year, venture firms are well on their way to almost tripling their contributed capital from the $12.3 billion in 2017.

“You get three to four times [more] interest from venture capitalists and investors if you claim that you have AI, or your solution is AI-driven,” said...

 • 19th Aug 2019 21:54 GMT+1
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San Francisco-based Cloudflare is striking while the markets are still hot with their plans to go public this September. The company will soon join the ranks of tech-unicorns who have IPO’d this year, including Uber (NYSE: UBER) and WeWork who debuted on the stock market earlier this year.

Cloudflare is well-known within the internet security and content delivery market and is used by 2 million...

 • 14th Aug 2019 12:58 GMT+1
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Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has a new game plan for surviving the US-China trade standoff and it’s all about the business next door. In a recent note to investors, Goldman advised their clients to augment their portfolios with American-based service providing businesses.

“Service stocks have less exposure to trade conflict given they have lower foreign input costs that might be subject to tariffs and...

 • 13th Aug 2019 14:25 GMT+1
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Anji Microelectronics, a Shanghai-based business that makes semiconductor products, started out their Monday morning in relative obscurity. They were one of 25 companies that debuted on China’s Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR) – a NASDAQ-like equity market for Beijing’s best and brightest – that opened on July 22. By the end of the day, the market closed with Anji claiming top performing spot with a 400 percent jump in share price.

Chinese investors welcomed...

 • 12th Aug 2019 11:43 GMT+1
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Walmart (NYSE: WMT) is due to report second-quarter financial results before the opening bell on August 15th. Analysts will be closely watching these results for any indication of where management sees the business going in the second half of 2019. The first half of 2019 has been relatively smooth with analysts expecting earnings pre-share of $1.21 in the second quarter, following 1Q results of $1.13 per share, which beat...

 • 2nd Aug 2019 22:30 GMT+1
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All eyes are on China and the U.S. this week as the two countries continue their trade negotiations in an attempt to end the U.S.-China trade dispute. Also this week, President Donald Trump has made public comments urging China to make a deal amid the back of a recent market tumble on Wednesday, due to an unexpectedly low cut in interest rates from the U.S. Federal Reserve. China remains hesitant, and perhaps are using a new tactic to wait out Trump, as the Wall Street Journal...

 • 2nd Aug 2019 22:29 GMT+1
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The U.S. Federal Reserve said it would cut interest rates by a quarter point on Wednesday afternoon, the first rate cut since 2008, marking the end of an era.

When the Federal Reserve cut rates to zero in 2008, it was an extraordinary move to try to prevent an economic crash that became known as the Great American Recession, and the Global Financial Crisis. Unlike 2008, Wednesday’s decision by Fed Chair Jerome H. Powell was seen as more of a precautionary measure to aid the...

 • 25th Jul 2019 11:49 GMT+1
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Market participants are growing increasingly worried about the health of the global macroeconomy. The US/Chinese trade dispute runs hot and cold, with threats and counter-threats, taking the world’s stock markets with it. Investors have become so concerned about a global slowdown that they seem to have talked themselves into believing that the US Federal Reserve could cut interest rates by 50 basis points (a move usually implemented in times of crisis) when it meets at the end of July....

 • 16th Jul 2019 11:41 GMT+1
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The US stock market closed on a high last Friday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average over 27,000, and the S&P 500 Index over 3,000 after testimony before Congress from US Federal Reserve (the Fed) Chairman Powell confirmed market expectations that the central bank will likely lower borrowing rates at the end of July. The rate cut expectation comes despite strong reported US job-growth and stable consumer inflation, factors some analysts and economist point to as reasons not to lower...

 • 9th Jul 2019 10:15 GMT+1
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As it turns out, some of the best financial advice ever imparted to new investors comes from a four-hundred-year-old novel about a minor Spanish nobleman with a penchant for embellishment. It was Don Quixote’s long-suffering squire-farmer Sancho Panza who first warned against putting all one’s eggs in one basket. Multiple baskets woven from rich and varied materials saves more eggs.

The same could also be said for investment portfolios and businesses looking to boost profits....

 • 8th Jul 2019 13:01 GMT+1
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It's about to be an interesting month in the stock market. The job market, the growth of which is part of how analysts determine how fast an economy is expanding, had a strong month in June, adding 224,000 jobs, very well above economists' prediction of 165,000 new jobs. Also, that's an improvement on the 75,000 new jobs that the U.S. labor market posted in May, which was the...

 • 8th Jul 2019 11:55 GMT+1
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After posting a loss in 2018, the early indications in 2019 are that stock will the year in the green. In the first half of the year, the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose roughly 17.4 percent and 14 percent respectively. For reference, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average lost roughly 6.2 percent and 5.6 percent respectively in 2018. In fact, the S&P 500's performance in the from January to June is the

 • 8th Jul 2019 11:19 GMT+1
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Investors are continuously looking for ways to improve performance in their stock portfolios. Professional investors call it alpha, the extra return you get from a stock beyond what the market is offering. One way to hunt for such shares may be to use’s bubble chart. In this example, we use the bubble chart to analyse the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Setting up the analysis is...

 • 8th Jul 2019 10:46 GMT+1
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As second-quarter earnings season gets underway, several companies in the S&P500 will report results in July. We take a look at three potential losers using’s earnings ratings screening tool. You can use this tool to screen your S&P 500 winning stocks, or those reporting in August instead of July. You can also use it to explore stocks trading in other equity indices like the NASDAQ 100 or Dow...

 • 4th Jul 2019 09:28 GMT+1
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The S&P 500 posted its best first half in 22 years last week on Friday, due in large part to reassurances from the U.S. Federal Reserve in June. Investors’ optimism was strengthened even more over the weekend, with fears of an escalation in the U.S.-China trade fight abating with a successful G-20 conference held in Japan.

Best First-Half Performance in Over 20 Years

On Friday, the S&P closed at 2941.76, up 16.84 points, or 0.6% on the day and 3.8% for the second...

 • 1st Jul 2019 12:58 GMT+1
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Computers have already changed how we live, work, invest and do business immeasurably and more changes are still coming. On Wall Street, for instance, there has especially in the financial markets.

That's according to J.P. Morgan, a major investment firm, which recently published a report that says about 60 percent of the stock market is controlled by passive investments —...

 • 1st Jul 2019 12:35 GMT+1
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It has been a great month for bitcoin, with the dollar value of the cryptocurrency up by nearly 46 percent in the one month period until 22:36 GMT on June 29 to reach about $12,000 per bitcoin. As of the same time, bitcoin price has increased by a mouth-watering 214 percent since the beginning of the year and just over 80 percent in the last year.

These gains here mean that the bitcoin market has...

 • 1st Jul 2019 12:11 GMT+1
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The world might be a bright place for many but these two biotech companies have had better days. Biotech is a fast-paced, fiercely competitive industry that takes-no-prisoners if a promising new drug is delayed by the FDA or that income-generating patent runs out and the revenue stream dries up. Sometimes the setbacks are temporary and other times they are more serious.

One such company is Puma Biotechnology (NASDAQ:

 • 1st Jul 2019 12:04 GMT+1
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Small cap stocks can sometimes get a bad rap. Tech companies in this category are too big to have the scrappy-startup story that tugs at Silicon Valley heartstrings and opens investor wallets but not big enough – think north of $2 billion – to attract buyers who value well-capitalized, ‘quality’ companies with lower risk of flaming out during a financial downturn.

But there’s an upside to all these downsides and the savvy investor willing to look past some of the...

 • 1st Jul 2019 11:17 GMT+1
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The market expects the US central bank (The Fed) to start cutting short-term borrowing costs this year. In previous economic cycles, Fed cuts tended to cause market rallies, especially in emerging markets (EM). Emerging markets benefit from a reduction in US borrowing costs in two stages. The first is a rush to risky EM assets as the Fed lowers the cost of borrowing and the second is a medium to long term ability of EM central banks to reduce their borrowing costs too, which stimulates...

 • 1st Jul 2019 10:59 GMT+1
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Markets are likely to get a boost from the news over the weekend that the US and China agreed to restart trade talks at the G20 economic summit in Osaka Japan over the weekend. While the US said it would not lift existing import tariffs on Chinese goods, it will refrain from introducing new tariffs on the remaining $300 billion worth of Chinese exports to the US.

With the stock market poised to continue its 10-year bull run on the back of this trade news, investors are rightly...

 • 27th Jun 2019 11:08 GMT+1
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Last week’s deal saw big pharma giant Pfizer Inc. (PFE) agree to buy Array Biopharma for $10.64 billion in cash, in the latest biotech news. Pfizer aims to bolster its cancer treatment portfolio amid rising competition from generic drug manufacturers. Pfizer’s blockbuster pain drug Lyrica, used to treat fibromyalgia, lost patent protection at the end of 2018, opening up the drug to generic competitors.


 • 24th Jun 2019 10:37 GMT+1
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Silicon Valley’s zeitgeist of ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ has a new public offering ambassador and it’s San Francisco-based Slack. On June 20, the company joined the ranks of multi-billion dollar ‘tech unicorns’ like Uber and AirBNB who have made 2019 their year for going to market.

Unlike the majority of their sister-tech companies, Slack decided to direct list and started trading on the NYSE on Thursday. Stocks soared well above the $26 guide price and closed...

 • 24th Jun 2019 10:15 GMT+1
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In true Silicon Valley fashion, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making a big splash with his recent announcement to launch Libra – an alternative cash system based on cryptocurrency technology. Zuckerberg made the announcement to bring digital currency to the masses from the steps of the historic San Francisco Mint, the 150-year-old building that had safeguarded one third of the United States’ gold reserve for over a century.

While electronic cash transfers have become...

 • 24th Jun 2019 09:42 GMT+1
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A low and falling interest rate environment can be very challenging for investors dependent on income from their portfolios to meet spending needs. The market is expecting the US Central Bank, also known as the Federal Reserve Bank, to start cutting interest rates later this year. Pushing down short-term interest rates and long-term bond yields may help consumers, but it hurts savers. Recently Bloomberg reported that there is 13 trillion dollars’ worth of global debt with a yield at or...

 • 24th Jun 2019 09:34 GMT+1
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This time last year, many Wall Street analysts and economists were expecting the central bank of the United States, also called the Federal Reserve Bank, or just the Fed, to increase short-term borrowing costs to keep the economy from overheating. What a difference a year makes. Those same economists now expect the Fed to aggressively lower short-term borrowing costs to avoid a potential economic recession in 2020. The big question is whether now is the time to lower borrowing costs and...

 • 24th Jun 2019 09:29 GMT+1
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H&R Block Inc. (NYSE: HRB) reported earnings on June 11, 2019, and investors received the news positively. H&R Block modestly exceeded consensus estimates for earnings on revenue, with $4.31 EPS and revenue of $2.3 billion for the quarter. Both these figures are substantially lower than the prior year, which the company attributes to lower prices for tax preparation services.

H&R Block stock jumped after the...

 • 24th Jun 2019 09:24 GMT+1
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Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ: LULU) reported earnings on Wednesday, June 12th, sending shares higher when trading resumed. The athletic apparel maker delivered revenues that exceeded consensus analyst estimates by 3.6% and earnings that outpaced expectations by 5.7%, and management updated guidance to reflect more aggressive forecasts. Same-store-sales were particularly impressive at 14% year-over-year...

 • 20th Jun 2019 10:00 GMT+1
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It's generally been a good year for the U.S. stock market given that just about all major stock indices — S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Composite Index and NYSE Composite Index — are up by at least 13%. However, stocks of some well-known companies have had it rough so far this year. It might be time to consider these beaten-down stocks. Note that all stock performance and indicators quoted in this article were as of June 19.

Tesla, Inc.


 • 19th Jun 2019 10:00 GMT+1
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All Silicon Valley can talk about right now is more integration – more cloud, more connection and more cooperation. Conversely, all the international community can talk about is why they need to become less interdependent – and tech-investors are watching it all with a weather eye on the China-US sky.

Despite all the benefits that going global has bestowed upon business, the recent rise in tensions between China and the United States has meant new challenges to the way tech...

 • 18th Jun 2019 12:20 GMT+1
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Five stocks in the S&P 500 equity index hit their 52-week low price in June, and they are all in the retail sector. The share prices of Nordstrom Inc (NYSE: JWN), Kohls Corp (NYSE: KSS) and Macy’s Inc (NYSE: M) hit their 52-week low price in early June, and are down between 27 to 30% in 2019, making them some of the worst performers this year out the 30-odd stocks in the S&P 500 to hit a 52-week low in June. Other retail names hitting a 52-week low in June, but are down less than...

 • 18th Jun 2019 11:02 GMT+1
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Stocks that traders like to tag cheap — mostly because they trade at a small nominal amount like below $10 — are a double-edged sword.

On one side, this category of stocks can be prone to manipulation because they usually not widely as followed as blue-chip stocks. For instance, some institutional investors, steer clear of stocks that trade under $10.

On the other side, some stocks are trading under $10 because the market hasn't fully realized the full value...

 • 17th Jun 2019 10:15 GMT+1
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Some say fortune favors the bold and CRM giant SalesForce’s decision to buy big-data company Tableau for $15.7 billion is certainly not for the faint of heart. They unveiled their newest addition to the SalesForce family last week after the two companies reached an agreement for an all-stock purchase of Tableau.

The deal means that that Tableau shareholders will get 1.103 SalesForce’s shares for their analytics company, worth $177.88 at closing Friday June 7. It’s estimated...

 • 17th Jun 2019 09:54 GMT+1
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The investment landscape can appear overwhelming, sometimes, with so many investment choices. One of the more difficult decisions for the modern investor is the one between investing in a fund or investing in individual stocks. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying Stocks

There are definite advantages to purchasing individual stocks instead of a mutual fund or ETF. The most significant benefit is perhaps the degree...

 • 13th Jun 2019 16:34 GMT+1
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Pessimism may be slowly creeping into the stock market. CNBC reported on Tuesday that two-thirds of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) responding to the most recent Duke University Global Business Outlook survey see a recession hitting the US economy by the end of 2020. Factors likely contributing to this view are the ongoing, and potentially growing, a trade war with China and expectations that the US Federal Reserve Bank is on the cusp of slashing short-term interest rates to prop up the...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:41 GMT+1
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The first thing that comes to mind when considering an investment in sustainable water companies is the potential for doing the planet earth some good by putting your money in companies that are innovating on ways use water efficiently — notably in the face of a growing water shortage problem in places around the world. However, that"s not the only compelling case for adding water stocks to your portfolio. According to the United Nations, about 55 percent of the world"s population...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:34 GMT+1
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Last week the oil market slipped into a bear market with prices down nearly 20% from their peak of $66.80 per barrel in April 2019. The quick pace of the downdraft came a surprise to some market participants. Both the supply and demand side are hitting the oil market at the same time. Demand for oil is weak, given concerns about the changing state of the US economy and uncertainty around the trade dispute with China and Mexico. For example, data from the US EIA showed America’s total...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:29 GMT+1
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Gold prices hit their highest levels in 14 months on Friday as traders and investors aggressively increased expectations that the US Federal Reserve Bank may cut short-term interest rates this year. Investors are increasingly nervous that the US economy is slowing down as President Trump presses ahead with his trade war against China and Mexico. A weak jobs report for May added to investors’ fears by creating just 75,000 jobs compared to economists’ expectations of 180,000 for the...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:08 GMT+1
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Tech stocks sank in Q2 on concerns over trade wars between the US and China, pulling some larger SaaS names down in tandem, despite marginal connections to the economic factors threatening their hardware-exposed fears. Many observers noted this as a potential entry point for correlated stocks with unimpacted fundamentals, like (NYSE: CRM).

The sector has rallied in recent weeks, and salesforce is approaching all-time highs, rewarding anyone who bought on the dip....

 • 5th Jun 2019 10:22 GMT+1
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The tech-inclined Nasdaq composite ped 1.6 percent over the course of a day at beginning of June after antitrust concerns were raised against some of the world’s biggest tech companies. Stocks in Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Apple dragged down the market after the Wall Street Journal broke the story about the US government’s intent to investigate Alphabet-owned Google.

Further details regarding the addition of Facebook to the list of big tech firms on the block came after...