• 13th Jun 2019 16:34 GMT+1
 • Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Pessimism may be slowly creeping into the stock market. CNBC reported on Tuesday that two-thirds of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) responding to the most recent Duke University Global Business Outlook survey see a recession hitting the US economy by the end of 2020. Factors likely contributing to this view are the ongoing, and potentially growing, a trade war with China and expectations that the US Federal Reserve Bank is on the cusp of slashing short-term interest rates to prop up the...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:41 GMT+1
 • Estimated read time: 5 minutes

The first thing that comes to mind when considering an investment in sustainable water companies is the potential for doing the planet earth some good by putting your money in companies that are innovating on ways use water efficiently — notably in the face of a growing water shortage problem in places around the world. However, that"s not the only compelling case for adding water stocks to your portfolio. According to the United Nations, about 55 percent of the world"s population...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:34 GMT+1
 • Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Last week the oil market slipped into a bear market with prices down nearly 20% from their peak of $66.80 per barrel in April 2019. The quick pace of the downdraft came a surprise to some market participants. Both the supply and demand side are hitting the oil market at the same time. Demand for oil is weak, given concerns about the changing state of the US economy and uncertainty around the trade dispute with China and Mexico. For example, data from the US EIA showed America’s total...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:29 GMT+1
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Gold prices hit their highest levels in 14 months on Friday as traders and investors aggressively increased expectations that the US Federal Reserve Bank may cut short-term interest rates this year. Investors are increasingly nervous that the US economy is slowing down as President Trump presses ahead with his trade war against China and Mexico. A weak jobs report for May added to investors’ fears by creating just 75,000 jobs compared to economists’ expectations of 180,000 for the...

 • 10th Jun 2019 08:08 GMT+1
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Tech stocks sank in Q2 on concerns over trade wars between the US and China, pulling some larger SaaS names down in tandem, despite marginal connections to the economic factors threatening their hardware-exposed fears. Many observers noted this as a potential entry point for correlated stocks with unimpacted fundamentals, like (NYSE: CRM).

The sector has rallied in recent weeks, and salesforce is approaching all-time highs, rewarding anyone who bought on the dip....

 • 5th Jun 2019 10:22 GMT+1
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The tech-inclined Nasdaq composite ped 1.6 percent over the course of a day at beginning of June after antitrust concerns were raised against some of the world’s biggest tech companies. Stocks in Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Apple dragged down the market after the Wall Street Journal broke the story about the US government’s intent to investigate Alphabet-owned Google.

Further details regarding the addition of Facebook to the list of big tech firms on the block came after...